Why Good Dental Health Is Important For Your Pet

Pet dental is considered to be one of the most neglected pet care priorities. Many owners do not realise their pets’ needs for proper dental care, which results in pets often having to suffer through serious health issues before the condition is even identified.


Why dental care is essential for your pet

Dental disease in pets often starts with plaque build-up which is left untreated. This build-up quickly turns into tartar, which forms in small pockets where your pet's teeth and gums meet. This leads to the separation of the teeth and gums, which makes more space for bacteria and even food which can accumulate. The eventual build-up leads to periodontal disease, during which bacteria enters your pet's bloodstream and if left untreated, could cause heart, lung, and kidney disease, amongst others.


Symptoms of dental disease

The symptoms of pet dental disease are often easy to spot, and include, but are not limited to: 

·     Poor grooming

·     Lethargy, inactivity, or depression

·     Salivating

·     Red, swollen and or bleeding gums

·     Bad breath

·     Weight loss and loss of appetite

·     Pawing at their face

·     Teeth becoming loose or even falling out

·     Swelling of their facial features

·     Food falling from their mouths while feeding

·     Discharge coming from their eyes or nose


What you can do

In the case of pet dental care, prevention is one of the best approaches. If you are dealing with pets that already have mild to serious dental issues, it's recommended that you book them in for a dental cleaning at your vet, who will also help you with creating a dental check-up plan, and provide you with treatment options for future use. We also advise that you schedule regular dental check-ups with your vet, especially if your pet is already struggling with pet dental disease, to help put a treatment plan in place to ensure the condition is taken care of.

For day-to-day care, daily brushing with vet-approved products is the only way to help prevent dental disease in your pets. Dental chews and diets can help slow dental disease, but often can’t eliminate the condition.


If you want more information about the right dental product for your pet, or if you want to book your pet in for a dental cleaning session, contact us today. Click here to learn more about our Melbourne pet dental services.

Remi Audette