Diet & Weight Management

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Our pets are living longer than ever thanks to an increase in high-quality pet food available for dogs and cats. At Doncaster Vet Hospital, we truly believe in the power of a fully-balanced and complete diet. With so much misinformation surrounding pet food, we make it our duty to inform pet owners on how to keep their pets happy and healthy with the right pet food for their age, activity level and health.

Pet food available at Doncaster Vet Hospital

We stock the full range of Hills Premium & Prescription pet food and selected Royal Canin pet foods. These are the highest quality pet foods available that are recommended by our vets. Hills and Royal Canin have food for every cat and dog including pet food for pets with medical conditions.

We also have a selection of dog treats and cat treats available to purchase.

Do you want advice on what to feed your dog or cat to help them stay in great health? Speak to one of our knowledgable and friendly vet nurses today.

Weight Management For Pets

Just like humans, pets can become overweight due to a lack of exercise and excess of calories. This can lead to a number of avoidable health conditions that can make your pet sick. At Doncaster Veterinary Hospital, we can ensure your pet loses weight slowly and safely and then maintains their ideal body weight through regular exercise and a healthy specially formulated diet.

For more guidance on your pet’s weight, please contact our vet clinic. You can also view the charts below to understand more about the risks of an overweight pet.