Welcome To Doncaster Vet Puppy School


Thank you for signing up to our puppy school classes! We are so excited to have you and your new family member joining our clinic to learn more about training your puppy, socialisation and puppy health care.

As well as our in clinic puppy school, we have resources available online to help you learn while you’re at home. Each week you will receive an email with a link to the latest puppy class information and helpful resources. If you don’t receive the email, please contact us.


Puppy School Information

  • Each puppy school term runs for 5 weeks

  • Please bring your puppy on a leash

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Helpful tips for training your puppy at home

  • Puppies are like children and only have short attention spans. In order to ensure you have a successful training session, try and limit it to 5 minutes each and repeat only a few times a day.

  • Always use positive reinforcement! Training your puppy shouldn’t be about dominance or punishing them for doing the wrong thing. This has been shown to cause serious behavioural issues and will damage the bond between you and your puppy. Remember to finish your training on a positive note with some cuddles, treats or play time.

  • When choosing a reward for your puppy, make sure it is special - something they don’t get every day. If they are food motivated, try using boiled chicken or liver treats and if they are toy motivated, make sure they only get to play with the toy during training time. This will keep them extra motivated and engaged with training sessions.

  • Remember, training takes time and is an ongoing process. But, the more time you spend training your puppy and encouraging good behavioural habits, the better behaved and well-adjusted they’ll be when they are older.


Week 1

Basic Cue - Sit