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What happens during a consultation with a vet?


A standard consultation with a vet is usually 15 minutes. In this time, the vet will be able to perform an examination of your pet and discuss any concerns you may have. The vet may ask you about your pet’s symptoms, medical history, eating and drinking habits, diet, toilet habits, parasite prevention and behaviour. If you have a lot of questions to ask the vet, sometimes it helps to write them down so you don’t leave anything out.

During the consultation, the vet will check your pet’s heart rate, breathing, eyes and ears, mouth and teeth, hips and any areas you might be concerned about. If your pet is uncomfortable having certain areas touched, please let the vet know so they can take care in those areas. We always want to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible.

In your consultation, you can get the vet to make up medication if needed, recommend parasite prevention and pet food and give your pet a FREE nail clip.

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What types of consultations are available at Doncaster Vet Hospital?

We offer a range of consultations to suit your pet’s needs.

Standard Consultation

This is a 15 minute appointment in which the vet will discuss your pet’s health and any concerns you may have.

What is it for?: Vaccinations, pre-desexing check, dental check, general health check, diabetes blood test, wound care, post-surgery check.

Extended Consultation

This is a 30 minute appointment which allows the vet to take more time to examine your pet for more serious health concerns.

What is it for?: New puppy or kitten check, eye or ear issues, lump check, limping, cuts or wounds, vomiting or diarrhoea, unexplained symptoms, blood tests.

Behaviour Consultation

This is a 45 minute consultation in which you can discuss your pet’s behaviour in depth and the vet can provide advice and a treatment plan.

What is it for?: Anxiety or aggression, compulsive or destructive behaviours.

Euthanasia House Call

If you would like your pet’s final moments to be in their home, we offer house calls to the local Doncaster area for euthanasia. Please note that this is only available to regular clients. If you would like to discuss this service, please contact us on 9842 5330.