Blood Work

Gain a deeper understanding of your pet’s health with a blood test

Why does my pet need a blood test?


Blood tests give veterinarians a greater understanding of what is happening inside your pet, how their vital organs are functioning and if there are any abnormalities that aren’t visible to the human eye. There are a number of reasons why your dog or cat might require a blood test.

  1. They are showing symptoms of an illness or disease

  2. They are about to undergo major surgery

  3. They have an ongoing medical issue that requires monitoring

  4. They are on long-term medication

  5. It is an emergency

  6. To confirm a diagnosis

At Doncaster Veterinary Hospital, we have laboratory equipment that can perform most full blood count and biochemistry tests. If your pet needs a specialised blood test, we can send blood samples to a specialist Melbourne vet pathology lab as well.

Does your pet need a blood test? Book an appointment with one of our experienced vets or find out more about our animal blood tests.